Walking Floor Trailer

Moving masses now made easier.

An Easier Option

Western Big City’s walking floor trailers help you move masses of material with less work. Especially effective for loose or palletized items, our 53-foot trailers facilitate loading and unloading to minimize human effort when moving such large loads. Our skilled representatives can help you determine if this option will be the right fit for your job.

More Efficient

If you’d rather not bring a forklift into the trailer, or if you’re taking material to be dumped, the walking floor may be the right option for your job. These trucks are perfect for transferring mass amounts of waste from transfer stations, reducing the need for additional truck loads and the overuse of natural resources, in turn contributing to better air quality and environmental sustainability. It is automated and uses a hydraulic system to move the load, improving efficiency and reducing the amount of work you have to do to unload. When you’re ready to make your job faster and easier, give us a call to schedule material transfer with our walking floor trailers.

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